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Parkland Nursery is a family owned business run for over 25 years by partners Bernard and Leah Hunt. We have grown to become the largest native bush foods grower in Australia, sharing over 50 years of combined knowledge with our valued customers. Our nursery has grown from serving small markets to suppling Bunnings Warehouse state wide, growing the love of native plants within NSW.




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Our partnership with Bunnings means we are able to grow a wide variety of Australian Natives in large volumes, perfect for landscaping to specific climates and design preferences. We proud to grow and produce cutting edge plant species and are always  exploring new species to develop and produce.

At Parkland, we specialise in native bush foods, a fantastic addition to any garden.  Our native spices such as Mountain Pepper and Lemon Myrtle make a delicious addition to homemade dinners, as well as providing a beautiful fragrance to your backyard. We also grow a wide range of native orchids and staghorns. 


As a large-scale nursery, we pride ourselves on the strict standards we meet for ethical propagation of native Australian plants.


Please do not hesitate to contact us in regards to your landscaping needs. We are able to accommodate large orders, or find our individual plants in your nearest Bunnings.


Bernard and Leah 


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