Established in 1989

Retail Market


Parkland Nursery has been a leading supplier to major chain stores and Garden Centres for over twenty five years, Parkland prides its self on quality and meeting deadlines.

Parkland is continually doing research and development on new exciting plants.

Landscape Projects


Parkland specialises in residential and commercial landscape design. Parkland has a large portfolio of projects ranging from designing residential and aged care homes to supplying the Olympics. Previous projects have been featured in magazines such as House and Garden. Parkland have qualified horticulturists with years of experience. Parkland are also able to source plants with partners in business at wholesales prices. 

A renewable alternative potting mix and mulch


In order to stay innovative, Parkland have found a renewable alternative to traditional soil. Coir is a lightweight coconut bi-product that holds more moisture for longer than other potting and mulch mixes. Parkland supply coir at wholesale bulk rates. 


Parkland has worked on many sites for regeneration, growing tube-stock in specially designed pots to encourage straight roots with air pruning for stronger root development. We have the capacity to do large numbers.