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Est. 1989

Parkland Nursery is Australia's largest grower of native bush foods. We are owned and operated by a husband and wife team local to the Manning Valley and are proud to share our passion and knowledge for native Australian plants. 


Parkland Nursery has been a leading supplier to major chain stores and garden centres for over twenty five years. We pride ourselves on the quality of our plants, ensuring sustainable growth and care to all species.

At Parkland, we are continuously researching and developing new, exciting plants.

Parkland specialises in residential and commercial landscape design. We are proud of our extensive portfolio, ranging from residential and commercial landscaping projects, through to supply for the Olympics. Our team of qualified horticulturists combine over 50 years of industry experience and can arrange sourcing of plants at wholesale prices for our business partners.

Here at Parkland, we are proud to be the largest supplier of Australian bush foods nation-wide. Bush foods  continuously prove to be the optimum choice in gardens across Australia, providing fruit, nuts, spices, flowers and fragrances to our backyards. Bush foods respond well in most Australian climates and are hardy and easy to grow. Who wouldn't want an edible hedge?

Bush Foods

Our range of Australian natives includes ground covers, hedges, advanced trees and shrubs and edible bush foods. Australian natives are a great choice to incorporate into your landscaping project due to their acclimatised properties, as well as providing a food and habitat source for native Australian animals.

Australian Natives




Parkland has worked with many regeneration projects on environmental sites. Our tube-stock growth in specially designed pots encourages straight roots, combined with air pruning for stronger root development.

Image by zibik


a renewable alternative to potting mix and mulch

In order to stay innovative and sustainable, we have introduced a renewable alternative to traditional soil. Coir is a lightweight coconut bi-product that holds moisture for longer than other potting and mulch mixes. Parkland supply coir at bulk wholesale rates. 


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